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Reply To: Can you help me get started with post-chemo for Lymphoma?

ananda staff

Hi Sara,

While we cannot give what would be ‘medical’ advice, there are oils and blends we would choose for ourselves for health support with this background…

CBD w/Hemp & Frankincense is perfect. We take a significant (my partner and I) amount of this daily. Two droppers-full from a 30ml bottle. Merlin’s recommendation of that book (one of my personal favorites) is very worthwhile investigating as well.

Helichrysum at 10% in any carrier, massaged daily into the feet has been noted as a detoxifyer of heavy metals. We add several drops of Grapefruit or Lemon essential oil to bottles of water (shaken well) for its cleansing effect.

There are in fact many ways to use EO’s for the purpose you describe…getting an entire text book is really a good idea. We also incorporate juicing and other alkalizing practices to our diets & lifestyles.

Hope this helps!
~ Eric