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Reply To: Wart Removal


I know this is an old post but, in case someone wanders over here in the future, I wanted to share an EO success story that might help. My 6yo had 14 warts on her foot. They wouldn’t go away. The doctor suggested Tagamet (no way), duct tape, and a $700 cream. A friend of mine who is into EOs made me a rollerball with 10-15 drops each of Frankinsence, Oregano, Lemongrass, and Tea Tree in fractionated coconut oil. I used a course emory board to scrape off the surface skin cells every few days and used this roller ball morning and night. After a week, the warts turned black… Three days later, they started to fall off. By week 2, you would never know they were ever there. I definitely know this combination works… Couldn’t believe it!