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Reply To: Bergamot for cholesterol help

ananda staff

We are able to assist you in describing what the “traditional” uses of the majority of the essential oils are, as well as what the latest scientific information is regarding the efficacy of certain oils for certain health conditions. For example, we can tell you that “Benchmark Thyme” essential oil has been shown highly effective in eradicating the MRSA bacteria, or that Melissa has been show effective at treating herpes simplex outbreaks, or that the essential oils in the Super Immune blend all have research backing their anti-viral effects. We can also tell you how oils are often used for a wide variety of applications.

We cannot, however, give you a specific protocol for use of the oils for any serious medical condition, due to both liability issues, and that we’re not really the best source for you to get this information from. What would be much more appropriate is if you would see a natural health professional in person in your area that would help you create an optimal program of use for you and your lifestyle.

There are a few excellent books that teach the new user about the entire practice of aromatherapy (really “aroma-medicine”, which then enables the user to know how to select and use oils for certain conditions. We highly recommend “The Complete Book of Aromatherapy” by Salvatore Battaglia (despite its high cost, it’s essentially a college textbook for Aroma-Medicine 101, and for many users, the only book they would ever need). Also, the Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy is also an excellent source, teaching all methods of essential oil use, with recipes, and a very enjoyable layout such that the subject matter is easily learned. These are our two current favorite texts for the beginning user.