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Reply To: Understanding the Blends and Recipes paragraph



When it says that a particular oil blends well with another oil it usually refers to their properties and synergy. To start making your own essential oils perfume, you must first look at a chart with the notes of essential oils. Then decide which EOs you want in your perfume or find a recipe that contains the essential oils you like. To finish your perfume you will also need alcohol or carrier oil.

Depending on how much you make, you can use the following math formula to add your essential oils: Take the total amount of drops you must add to your perfume. Then pour 20% base notes, 30% top notes and 50% middle notes. Top notes are the first you smell and they evaporate very fast. Then middle notes will linger a while longer until the base notes start evaporating. Base notes usually persist a very long time.

For aromatic blends like perfumes you can subsitute oils only with other oils that belong to the same family (citrus with citrus, floral with floral etc.) You can find much more on my blog, including recipes.

Good luck and have fun Sirsam 🙂