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Reply To: Understanding the Blends and Recipes paragraph



I thank you for your kind remark!

I can think of only one other way of finding aromas that smell good together. I use it also and I believe it’s simpler but it is still an experiment. You could try to inhale the oils you think you like before blending them. You could add a drop of those essential oils you want to mix in a diffuser and see how the final scent comes out, if it smells nice enough etc.

I advise you to start with 3 or maximum 4 different aromas for your first perfume. Choose at least 2 different sets of essential oils you like, so you can replace those that don’t smell good.

If the diffuser isn’t good enough try using perfume testing strips and pour one drop of each essential oil on different strips, then start circling each strip around your nose, at a fair distance (notice the length you start smelling each oil, that’ll help you decide if it’s going to do for your perfume or not), then wave more oils at the same time as if they were in a blend.

Leave them for at least 10 minutes to evaporate, and go breathe in some fresh air, then come back and repeat the inhaling process.

That should give you a pretty good idea on how the oils combine their scents together. This is also a good exercise to find out if certain oils overpower others, or which one you want replaced or added in a smaller amount.

I hope this is a bit more helpful to you 🙂