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Reply To: Essential Oils for old hemorrhoids?


As well as the oils, I have experience taking European Leg Solution tablets (its an extract from sweet orange skins, or life extension, if thats ok with ananda) which corrects varicose veins. It works. Haemorrhoids are just varicose veins under another name and elsewhere.

I took it because I had swollen ankles from sitting for the computer and few veins below my ankles and enlarged veins on my hands. Someone gave feedback that it fixed her haemorrhoids. 2 bottles/2 months fixed the side of my feet perfectly and my hands look 30 years younger. Apparently used for many decades in europe.
I also had and just realised I no longer have an issue with little haemorrhoids. Happened with childbirth but was dismissed not be severe as haemorrhoids. Far better to revert to normal.
Given that, Sweet Orange oil might also be worth trying directly on the area.