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Reply To: Acne/blackheads in children


In addition to the oils used as above, FYI when my boy was 15 and had some pimples and blackheads I gave him vitamin A (dont over do it) and D and 1000mg C.
2 facials at the local beauty salon and the vitamins cured it. His were not extreme like your girl’s. The facials were the alternative to the oils you will use. I knew of this because I had hippy friend way back who was living with just her guy and 2 toddlers on the northernmost beach of eastern Australia and having supplies dropped off quarterly from a lugger. She got 32 boils as she had not got a garden producing enough and when she got vit A delivered her boils went.
Vit A helps skin layers to slough off so helps free the blackheads as will the oil you are going to use. Good luck.