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Reply To: I’m 57 & have a few things that i need to address w/ my skin

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Hello sunswarmth,

Combination skin is quite tricky to care for, as it is oily in the middle of the face and usually dry on the outside. I should know better!

Try not to overuse any lotions and creams, and stay away from commercial washing products, as they can strip your skin off its natural sebum. That will trigger a massive oil production from your skin to supply the lost sebum, and so you’ll find yourself in a very vicious circle, if you’re not already there …

Remove your makeup (if you’re wearing it) or simply wipe your face clean at night with some Aloe Vera gel and pure lukewarm water. No soap! You can then spray some floral water on your face and let it be absorbed. You can use Rose water, Lavender water, Neroli water, or Helichrysum water. They’re all very gentle and have antimicrobial properties. They can also help with redness, enlarged pores and tone up your skin.

You can then apply a very small amount of a light textured carrier oil like Hazelnut, Grapeseed, Tamanu or Sea Buckthorn (or Rosehip seeds) all over your face and neckline. You can add a few drops of the same essential oils in your carrier oil to make a more potent blend, to improve wrinkles and age spots too. Frankincense and Rose oils are great with the latter part. Carrier oils alone work very well, because they’re also rich in antioxidants. They also have antimicrobial properties and can keep the skin hydrated and properly moisturized.

In the morning you can repeat the process, or leave out the carrier oil part if you’re not wearing makeup. Take some floral water with you at work and spray it on every once in a while. It will refresh your complexion and keep your sebum under control. I sometimes press a piece of absorbent paper on my oily areas and then spray the floral water. Pure mineral water works too, if you don’t like the floral water.

Let me know if you have more questions,