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Acne/blackheads in children

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    I’m pretty new to oils and looking for something to help my 9 year old daughter. She has had blackheads on her face (and in her ears) for years…many of which turn into painful pimples. I have a few oils that supposedly help with acne – but I’m not quite sure how best to use them. I have lavender, geranium, tea tree, wild myrtle, wild cedarwood and mandarin. I also have hazelnut oil and tamanu oil which are supposed to be good carriers for skin. Would you recommend just mixing the carrier oils and adding some of each of the oils that say they help with acne or would that be too much? Should I just try one or two to start – and if so – which ones? How long of a trial period would you suggest giving it before we determine if it does anything or not?

    Thanks in advance for any advice or help with this – I really appreciate it.

    ananda staff

    Mixing a few drops of geranium, lavender or tea tree oil in a healing carrier oil such as grapeseed applied to the face can help clear up acne and blackheads. You may want to try only 1 or 2 essential oils at a time to test for sensitivity. Usually 2 fl. Oz (60 ml) is enough of a carrier oil and a few drops of essential oil to last you at least 1 month. If there is no improvement after a month you may want to try a different combination. As with any medical condition we do highly recommend seeking the advice of a Holistic Health Care provider in your area as we are a small distributor of the essential oils and can only give you the traditional uses of the oils.




    In addition to the oils used as above, FYI when my boy was 15 and had some pimples and blackheads I gave him vitamin A (dont over do it) and D and 1000mg C.
    2 facials at the local beauty salon and the vitamins cured it. His were not extreme like your girl’s. The facials were the alternative to the oils you will use. I knew of this because I had hippy friend way back who was living with just her guy and 2 toddlers on the northernmost beach of eastern Australia and having supplies dropped off quarterly from a lugger. She got 32 boils as she had not got a garden producing enough and when she got vit A delivered her boils went.
    Vit A helps skin layers to slough off so helps free the blackheads as will the oil you are going to use. Good luck.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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