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    Hi. If you are using 35 drops per ml as the desired amount for each EO, then yes, 1.5ml = 52 drops, .5ml = 17 drops, etc. Measure out all of the EOs, and then add carrier oil(s) to fill the 30ml bottle.


    [quote=”Ananda Staff”][b]Hi All,

    [b][u]Example Recipe[/u][/b]

    [b]For each one ounce of blend (that’s 30 milliliters, and there are 35 drops of essential oil per ml) use the following essential oils:[/b]

    [b]1.5ml[/b] Helichrysum (up to 3ml if this is affordable)
    [b]1.5ml[/b] Plai
    [b]0.5ml[/b] Ginger CO2
    [b]0.5ml[/b] Frankincense CO
    [b]0.3ml[/b] German Chamomile CO2
    [b]0.3ml[/b] Turmeric CO2 (omit if you are using blood thinner drugs)

    Then fill the bottle with your base oils: a 50:50 ratio of Borage Seed and Tamanu is recommended. If you like, you can try a stronger formula by putting in less carrier oil to start, and experiment.

    While some of these oils are somewhat costly, making a large amount and storing it away may quite cost effective relative to other solutions.

    This blend has been used by those with arthritis, and reports have been that they were “amazed” at how well it worked, and could also reduce or stop pain medication.

    [b]Please let us know if you have any questions on all this! Cheers and Thanks![/b][/quote]

    Is this the blend you would recommend for rheumatoid arthritis as well?

    Thanks so much for sharing your expertise!


Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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