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Blood Pressure

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    I have researched extensively online for help with [u]high blood pressure[/u] using essential oils and NO meds. Please share your experience.


    I have chronic pain and make my own formulas . The first time I made it, I used too much Lavandin. When I stood up, I was very lightheaded. I found out that it may have an effect on lowering blood pressure in some people. Here is a quote I got from a website: “…. information on lavandin (Lavandula x intermedia) – it should also be avoided if one has low blood pressure.” Hope this helps ( now I know why I felt lightheaded!)


    I wish I knew what to try. I had a bad week last week, with a headache that would not go away. I checked my blood pressure, and it was sky-high (even though I have no history of high blood pressure). I went to the doctor, and of course it was normal. He suggested that I check it several times a day and keep a log, and if it remains high, to start a medication that he prescribed. I would rather not go on a daily medication, and I was hoping to find an essential oil blend that might help me to keep it low (now that it is better). I may try that Lavedula, that was posted earlier, if I can find out more about it.

    Any more suggestions? Someone that I know in real life suggested a blend by Doterra, but I would rather try an Ananda mixture if possible.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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