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essential oils for dandruff & oily hair

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    I have dandruff on my scalp & oily hair–a weird combo I know, but what would be the best way to treat my hair type with essential oils? and any ideas for a homemade shampoo?



    As strange as it may sound, baking soda wash and a vinegar-based condition is the best remedy I’ve tried for treating dandruff. I use about a palmful of baking soda, moistened into a paste, and then gently scrub the scalp with it. Baking soda is alkaline, which reacts with the “acid mantle”, which is the layer of sebum and sweat it our skin’s life purpose to produce. It removes dirt, oil, and debris, and exfoliates the scalp. To restore a favorable acid balance to the scalp, as well as to seal the cuticle of the hair down after being opened by alkaline baking soda, spray in apple cider vinegar with a few drops of essential oil to make it smell nice, and to treat the skin. Cider vinegar heals the scalp, and will cool it down immediately after putting it on. [url=]Lavender[/url] and [url=]Palmarosa[/url] would be my recommendations for essential oils, as they are both astringent, and balance the sebaceous glands.

    If you have color-treated hair, skip the baking soda, as it may reduce the life of your color.

    [url=]Carrot root[/url] oil is also especially healing and regenerative to the hair and skin, so massaging a little of that into the scalp might be really soothing.

    It is also worth questioning whether your shampoo has ingredients that are irritating your scalp. Many people are sensitive to detergents and sulfates that make shampoos foam. I’ve been using a homemade shampoo to avoid those chemicals.

    First, I add about 6 drops of [url=]Argan nut oil[/url], to the ends only, of my shoulder-length relatively thick hair. You’ll find an amount that works for you in about two shampoos! Then I use about 2-3 ml of Aloe Castille Soap. It is made to remove oil, so it does that, but leaves enough that my hair is smooth and easy to comb through. You’ll know exactly how much you can leave in, and whether you need to “shampoo” again. If you want to scent your soap with oils, any of the above will work well.


    thanks for your helpful tips. I’m going to try the baking soda & the vinegar rinse. I think I’ll use the Lavender, vera that I just got from you all. I love the smell of that one so much better than Lav. wild or any other Lav. I have ever tried. That is some good stuff! Where do you get the aloe shampoo? I have tried Dr. B’s brand of castille soap & it makes my hair really oily and my head still itches. I think I am just allergic to everything. I’m sure that has been my problem in the past w/ shampoos–there is something in them that I react to. So I guess the simpler the better for me.


    The warmer summertime months is the perfect time to diffuse and blend with light, energizing, herbaceous, floral, and cooling essential oils. Oils from the mint, citrus and floral families are especially nice during summer.

    ananda staff

    Our Healthy Hair blend, diluted to half strength, in Jojoba OR virgin coconut oil (better, but you have to deal with melting it at 76deg.), massaging in a few times per week is really an excellent place to start.


    ricky martin

    Natural Argan oil that originates from Morocco is widely known for its properties that makes it very valuable for skin and hair care. It is used as the primary ingredient for a lot of scalp and hair treatment products. It can also be found in some conditioning shampoos. The health benefit of this oil that is from the Moroccan Argan tree has been known for several centuries. It can protect and repair hair that has suffered some damage. When it is applied constantly, its moisturizing properties will enable your hair to become stronger, smoother and healthier.


    Chamomile is best known to soothe nerves, and it uses the same property on the hair and scalp as well. Chamomile helps with itching, scaly scalp and dandruff. This oil also draws back cells of the skin that have suffered due to chemical procedures and harsh weather conditions. You could mix lavender oil & lemon oil for optimum result. Lemon oil is best used for oily hair type.

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