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Essential Oils for Impetigo (or weeping eczema?)

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    H2O2, Tea Tree Oil, Coconut Oil, Zinc paste, Turmeric

    This worked for what was either weeping eczema–the kind that becomes high, itchy bumps that burst to weep and get a yellow crust–or impetigo (a.k.a., “school rash”). The former is not contagious; the latter is very contagious. Take precautions accordingly. The same doctor diagnosed my first signs as eczema, then five days later revised his diagnosis to impetigo. I will spare you the details; the following was my cure:

    1–wash with gentle soap, before or with baking soda, using tepid water, not hot. (alkalizes, exfoliates.)
    2–dab with 3% hydrogen peroxide (the kind you can gargle with, straight). Let that dry, or dab it dry.
    3–cover with thin film of tea tree oil, or tea tree oil/vitamin E oil.
    4–cover with thin film of organic extra virgin coconut oil.
    [at this point, the itching should stop.]
    5–paint with very thin coat of 30% zinc with castor oil “butt paste.” (Find it in the baby aisle.)
    6–I also took turmeric (spice rack) and black pepper in water–1 tsp turmeric with dash of pepper, three times daily.
    7–Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

    That’s it. Do the topical application 2X daily, for rapid results. Once daily is not quite enough. *Continue treating effected areas for at least a week after you think you have it all under control, or it may return.*

    Be sure to *use bleach* on on linens, and clothing, as well. If you are sensitive to bleach, as I am, run fabric through the rinse cycle a couple of extra times. Use a hot dryer when possible.

    Doctor’s *full spectrum* antibiotic, issued to me before even a lab test, did not work for me.

    This is the first time I have ever experienced anything like this, and I hope it will be the last. Wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

    To your health,


    (female, 50, 120 pounds, blond, sensitive skin)

    ananda staff


    While weeping eczema seems to be a diagnosis with one of a few potential causes, impetigo is specifically bacterially-mediated.

    Our Soothing Skin Extra is blended specifically as an inflammation reducer and supporter of skin healing in such conditions, though it does not include an antibacterial. We HIGHLY recommend the use of [url=]“Benchmark” Thyme essential oil[/url] in addition for cases of weeping eczema and impetigo. It is a far more comprehensive antibacterial than Tea Tree – in fact, it’s the only single essential oil shown to be effective against the MRSA bacteria – meaning completely effective, not just partially, and effective on its own, not in a blend.

    The Soothing Skin Extra has been lauded by our customers for its efficacy at reducing inflammation in dry eczema, and with the addition of an anti-bacterial, should do wonders.

    The Benchmark Thyme can be added to the Soothing Skin Extra at a 3% concentration, or about 15 drops per each ounce of blend. Apply twice daily.


    I recently had a case of eczema that ended up getting infected with staph. “Atopic dermatitis with associated staph infection”. The weeping fluid came back positive for staph aureus but not MRSA. I tried some blends of EO topically but everything seemed to make it itch more. (It was a maddening itch!). So, I used the antibiotic prescription salve on my foot and took oregano oil internally which helped. I also have issues with candida, so I wanted something that could potentially kill both. I may try benchmark thyme next. Will it also kill candida?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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