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high blood pressure

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    I have read that applying lavender oil directly to the soles of your feet may help to reduce high blood pressure. Just wondering if anyone knows if this is effective? Thanks.


    Hi Heather, and welcome to the forums!

    Battaglia mentions sweet marjoram and ylang ylang, in addition to lavender, for treating hypertension. Perhaps making up a blend of these three with carrier oil to rub into the feet, wrists and hands a few times a day will be useful.

    Also, sedative and uplifting oils such as bergamot, Roman chamomile, neroli and frankincense are recommended.

    ananda staff

    kudos to Merlin for his well researched answer. I’ll only reiterate that Ylang Ylang is very much the most notable essential oil for lowering blood pressure. OPTIMALLY, it would be used in a massage oil base, and one would be getting hints of the oil throughout the treatment. But even so, ylang ylang can be used in a carrier such as Jojoba for self massage, or diffused lightly in your environment. The oil’s aroma can be a bit ‘heady’ so it’s best to use it at ‘just’ detectable levels.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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