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Lots of skin care questions from a new user

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    Hello, I’ve been happily putting all of my new oils to use and have a few questions since I’m new to this.

    I’ve created a night time facial oil based on various recipes found on this site and elsewhere, made up of: 1 oz Super Skin Care Base Oil, 8 dr carrot root, 12 dr carrot seed, 8 dr rosehip CO2 oil, 8 dr helichrysum, 8 dr frankincense.
    Question 1: is this a balanced blend for anti-aging, etc. (is there some critical oil missing? do I have the correct number of drops of each to balance each other? etc.).
    Question 2: I’m having a small spot removed from my face next week (ouch). Will applying this general blend nightly be appropriate for speeding healing and reducing scarring, or is there something more targeted/specific I should also be using?
    Question 3: I’ve noticed that since starting to use this blend my normally pale face seems to have a healthier glow (yea!). Could this be due to the orange-ish color of the oils, or is it just a coincidence because I’m outside more with the warmer weather and probably picking up color even with sunscreen on?

    Next, my daughter just came home with sunburned cheeks and after applying aloe, I pulled out my oils and mixed up a little jojoba with a few drops of helichrysum and a couple drops of the little blue tansy sample I received with my last order, then applied it to her skin. Is this a proper/safe blend to apply to sunburn? Would there be something better to use?

    Next, my son just showed me that he has a wart on his hand, said that it’s been there for “a while”. Is there a single oil that can be used to treat this, or is a mix of oils like Ananda’s Super Immune blend needed to get better results? Also, for the treatment for children described in this site’s blog post, can I mix the Super Immune and ACV together ahead of time or does it need to be mixed right before application (will it stay fresh if mixed in larger quantities)? And why does the blog post recommend diluting with ACV for kids but with tamanu oil for adults?
    Also, can the Super Immune blend be used safely and effectively on cold sores?

    Next, which Lavender is the best to order? I don’t have a specific purpose for it, just like to have lavender on hand.

    Yes, a lot of questions as a newbie, but I’m now hooked on your products and can’t wait to learn how to use them in more ways for myself and my family! Thanks!

    ananda staff

    Hi! Glad to see you’re enjoying blending for yourself – it’s SO worthwhile.

    In answer to your questions:
    1. Yes, your blend is perfect – no need to alter the ratios.
    2. Yes, your blend 2x per day, and 1 drop of Helichrysum ‘neat’ 1 time per day.
    3. Most certainly your skin can be looking healthier from your blend! The Super Skin Care base alone is incredible, very much enhanced by the addition of the essential oils you’re adding.
    4. Your application to your daughter’s sunburn is great – you could use your personal blend successfully as well – perhaps even a better choice.
    5. For your son’s wart – Super Immune ‘neat’ would be an excellent choice. If you don’t see improvement over 2 weeks, switch to Benchmark Thyme instead. I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you mean by ACV, but tamanu is a fine choice. However, because of the size of a wart, I’d recommend using 1 drop of Super Immune undiluted, 2x per day.

    As for the Lavender, it’s really a personal choice. I really like the organic Bulgarian, and for the price, it’s really the way to go. It’s no less effective in any way that the French oils – only the aromas differ slightly. I actually prefer the Bulgarian.

    Hope this helps!


    Super helpful response – thank you!!

    I’ll get some of the Immune blend and Bulgarian Lav on order. Also, wanted to check on using the Immune Blend on cold sores since it is also virus-based. Have you heard of this working?


    By the way, ACV was referring to the apple cider vinegar mentioned in the post about wart care. 🙂


    I wish I had seen this post sooner!
    I have two amazing testimonials on warts and skin cancer using ananda oils!
    I applied frankincense to a cancerous mole twice a day-one drop and covered with a bandaid. Fell of in 5 days. Day 6 and 7 it was pink and I thought it would be a scar. Day 10, totally GONE! No scar and it has not come back. It’s now been about 6 months. I wish I had known the power of this oil when I had my first melanoma removed on my forehead last year!
    Also, I used oregano (diluted!!!) on a wart 2x a day and it was gone in 4 days!
    I have had success with ACV on warts but it takes longer.


    Thanks for the great info, AmberinFlorida! How interesting about the Frankincense – a few days before I went in to the derm, I started putting frankincense on the small keratosis on my face. Didn’t see much change (I think my eyes wanted me to see a little change, but who knows…), so I just had the derm freeze it off. Big scab now between my eyes (!), but am putting helichrysum on 2 x day and hopefully will disappear soon. Will definitely try the frank again if I ever have another one though.

    Regarding the wart, I thought I had already ordered the Super Immune and was wondering why it wasn’t here yet, but just looked in my cart and saw that I never completed the transaction 🙁, so now will have to wait to order after an upcoming trip. So now I have to decide between trying the Super Immune on my son’s wart, or just Benchmark Thyme, or the Oregano. If anybody has suggestions on which to use on an 8 yr old boy, it would be much appreciated!


    I applied frankincense to a cancerous mole twice a day-one drop and covered with a bandaid. Fell of in 5 days. Day 6 and 7 it was pink and I thought it would be a scar. Day 10, totally GONE!

    Will frankincense work on any mole? I have a large mole on the side of my face and wondering if this could possibly work for me?

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