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Rash (fungus?) around eyes

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    Is there a safe EO to apply to the outside corners of my eyes that is an anti fungal? I’ve developed small red, itchy bumps at the outside corners of my eyes and after looking on the Internet, it looks like it might be a fungal infections? Yuck. Anyway, I’m hoping to find something (eo) that I can apply with coconut oil to the affected area.



    Update: I’ve been using coconut oil with a spritz of lavender oil around my eyes and it seems to be helping.


    Re: the rash around your eyes….

    Do you wear an eye cover to bed at night? My sister had a raised red rash on her eyebrows and after seeing her satin eyecover I presumed
    (correctly) that she had developed a fungal rash. Tried some anti-fungal EO’s on it and it was gone in three days. Just FYI.


    Yes, you are doing right thing. Coconut oil has a great value to fight against fungus.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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