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The Anti-Inflammatory Properties of German Chamomile

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    ananda staff

    [b]α-Bisabolol (alpha-Bisabolol) is a component found in what is considered higher quality [url=]German chamomile essential oils[/url] (our oils do contain significant quantities of this important constituent).[/b] It gives a pleasant aroma, and more importantly, has been considered an important constituent for inflammation reduction.

    [b]Many skin conditions are associated with high levels of inflammatory “marker” compounds.[/b] Alpha-Bisabolol is a natural sesquiterpene alcohol from chamomile that is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties in vivo. (-)-α-Bisabolol significantly inhibited 5-lipoxygenase and cyclooxygenase-1 in human blood cells.

    A study in the Naunyn Schmiedebergs Archives of Pharmacoogy, published. 2011 Aug 26 concluded α-Bisabolol had significant anti-inflammatory AND anti-nocieptive properties — meaning it reduced the perception of pain.

    In an report published in the July 2007 journal of Cosmetics and Toiletries, researchers suggest the combination of α-Bisabolol containing German Chamomile, and Ginger essential oils would have a synergistic effect at inflammation reduction, as they appear to work through different pathways.

    We include both these oils in our Athlete Magic, and you too can make a recipe containing these oils, and perhaps others for inflammation reduction.

    [b]For each one ounce of blend, for a formula directed at inflammation reduction:[/b] [list]

  • [*]3ml Helichrysum
  • [*].5ml Ginger CO2
  • [*].5ml German Chamomile CO2
  • [*]1ml Frankincense CO2
  • [/list]

    In a base of 50:50 Borage Seed oil and Tamanu nut oil. All these oils have been shown in research to reduce inflammation, and may help both skin can joint/muscle inflammatory conditions.


It helped

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