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The First Issue of the Ananda Newsletter On The Way

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    ananda staff

    [b]While we have many ways of keeping in touch, the Newsletter will be the most comprehensive delivery of information at one time.[/b] Many users who are subscribed to our blog posts have not yet signed-up for our news letter subscription. We’ll tell you all about new products, specials, aromatherapy and essential oil science, and other in formation all in one condensed, readable format.

    The first issue of the newsletter should go out next week, and well, we’re trying to make it perfect for you so you feel you’ve gained something by reading it.[b] If you’d like to sign up (and it’s very easy to unsubscribe should you wish to) visit: [url=]newsletter signup[/url], and give it a whirl.

    As always, we’re trying to improve the knowledge of our subscribers to they can make better use of essential oils in their lives. We certainly hope this contributes!

    All the Best,
    The Ananda Staff


    Please subscribe me to the Ananda Newsletter. Unfortunately, I was going through breast cancer surgery (second time in 5 years!), pneumonia and the flu at the time, just stuff to go through. I must have missed the email announcing the Newsletter. I am highly interested in this! I LOVE your customer service personnel – there are none better. And your company is empathetic and forward-moving, aand you practice sustainability, as well. That’s all important to me. Prices are reasonable, sales are wonderful, and overall, you have a MARVELOUS company. Thank you!
    Susan Breton

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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