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Special Aged Essential Oils

These oils started out as the same exquisite essential oils that we normally offer. However, these specially aged oils have undergone our own proprietary aging process. This completely natural process produces essential oils with exceptionally well-rounded, smooth, and enticing aromas. These rich, almost intoxicating aromas are simply divine in their intensity and depth. They are also exceptionally long-lasting. You will experience the difference with these special oils from the very first whiff.

These completely unique specially aged oils are wonderful when used in blends. Smoother, deeper, more intense yet mellow all describe these sublime oils. They have such wonderful aromas because the aging process creates a fuller aroma with more middle and deep notes and fewer of the sharper and less desirable top notes.

We’re sure you will enjoy our special aged essential oils either on their own or in your favorite blends. For accuracy when creating blends, be sure to see our measuring page explaining how many drops to use per milliliter.