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Herbs and Spices

We have an amazing selection of over 20+ Organic Herbal and Spice Essential Oils. The CO2 products below are all certified-food-grade extracts and can be used effectively when cooking, for personal care, as well as being diffused using your favorite diffuser. The CO2 extraction method gets a truer representation of the herb and spice as a whole, when compared to steam distilled oils which only takes the volatile parts of the plant material. The interesting thing is that the steam distilled herbs and spices will often have different properties therapeutically too, so try them all! Create your own essential oils blend using a variety of scents like ginger, rosemary, sage, and more. These organic food grade essential oils come from all over the globe, including Russia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and many more! Add these herbal and spice Ananda apothecary products to your collection today and check out our other essential oils!