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Ananda essential oil soap is both good for your skin and beautifully fragrant, making any time you use it a healthy, aromatic experience. When we choose our essential oil blends for soap, we look for natural ingredients that will leave your skin uplifted and calm at the same time. When you shop our selection, you’re sure to find a natural blend that speaks to the needs of your skin. Our soap blends are all non-toxic, effective, versatile natural cleansers made from plants, making them natural and organic. You can choose from liquid soap or bar soap for all your cleansing needs.

We offer a vast array of pure essential oil soap blends for multiple purposes. Whether you like light and bright florals, warm woodsy scents, or sparkling citrus scents, we’ve got you covered. Shop for essential oil blends for soap today and give yourself nature’s solution to the dirt life throws at you. Purchase one or more of our pure essential oil soap blends right now and start reaping the benefits of pure, natural, aromatic Ananda Apothecary.