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Pure Essential Oil Blends

Pure essential oils are wonderfully aromatic on their own but their fragrance is often even better when two or more are blended together. For example, our Apple Pie Blend combines the scents of fresh apple with cinnamon and other spices to create a blend that smells just like the enticing aroma of a freshly-baked pie!

Our pure, unadulterated essential oils come from within specialized cells in the leaves, buds, petals, blossoms, fruits, seeds, stems, bark, resin, or roots of naturally-growing plants. Trees, shrubs, flowers, herbs, and other plants all produce essential oils. These oils act as the plant’s immune system, protecting it from diseases, pests, predators, solar radiation and other environmental stresses, and even competition from other plants. They also help attract pollinators which may help explain their extraordinary fragrances!

Why Buy Pure Essential Oils from Ananda?

At Ananda Apothecary, we offer a large selection of essential oils and blends in a variety of sizes. We also offer collections so that you may enjoy a variety of exquisite aromas with a similar theme.