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Apple Pie Blend

We captured the mouthwatering essence of Apple Pie and bottled it for your diffusing pleasure.
Enjoy the scent of freshly baked Apple Pie with NO synthetic fragrance oils or chemicals – just 100% pure essential oils! A unique offering in the world of essential oil blends.
You’ll be surprised by how much this truly smells like Apple Pie, try really hard not to eat it!

An excellent choice for holiday diffusing. We also encourage you to add some of this blend to a soy-wax base and make your own Harmless Holiday Candle!



Product Description

Ingredients: Roman Chamomile, Douglas Aged Fir Needle, Burmannii Cinnamon, MCT Coconut oil.


Product Description

This holiday essential oil blend is good enough to eat! Filled with a mouthwatering and nostalgic aromatic profile, this blend is comprised of Roman Chamomile, Douglas Aged Fir Needle, Burmannii Cinnamon, and MCT Coconut oil. Diffusing this blend will bring you home for the holidays during the busy season.

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