Whale Song



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A Blend for Our Captain and Founder, Eric Cech

Whale Song

Is a once in a lifetime purchase in memorandum of our late and beloved Founder, Eric.  This heartfelt formulation from his surviving wife Anita combines Eric’s most favorite oils into what she calls a lovely Eric elixir of sorts! In addition, because Eric had deep sentiments for Whales, we are compelled and happy to offer a percentage of the proceeds generated from Whale Song to the Ocean Mammal Institute, a non-profit organization that works to protect whale longevity and their ability to communicate across the planet to all whales. This was something dear to Eric’s heart.

Ingredients of the blend include: Aged Helichrysum, Frankincense Carterii & Serrata CO2, Myrrh CO2, Aged Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Cacao, Vetiver, and Lemongrass. The first five oils listed were an integral part of Eric’s life and personality, as he used or wore them daily. The Cacao lends itself to the personality aspect of Eric, of which he loved eating raw cacao each day for energy and superfood nutrition aspects. This blend is of an exceptional quality and synergy holding very high and unique therapeutic properties.

Thank you for your support in this charitable effort and loving memory of the man who envisioned Ananda Apothecary for the greater good of all and their health and enjoyment of life through natural therapeutics.

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