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Whale Song Blend


Charitable Contribution Product
Get some of the most potent therapeutic oils in one tiny bottle!

Ingredients: Ananda’s proprietary Special-Aged Helichrysum, Frankincense Carterii and Serrata CO2, Myrrh CO2, Ananda’s proprietary Special-Aged Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Cacao, Vetiver, and Lemongrass. It’s well balanced aroma has a distinct scent most love instantly. NOTE: This blend offers a Charitable Contribution with Purchase. Give back with us today!


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Product Description

*Charitable Contribution with Purchase of Whale Song*

Whale Song

This formulation is in honor of late Ananda Founder, Eric Cech.  This heartfelt formulation from our owner (his surviving wife) Anita, combines Eric favorite oils into what she calls an Eric elixir of sorts! Eric had deep sentiments for Whales. We feel compelled to offer a percentage of the proceeds generated from Whale Song to the Ocean Mammal Institute, a non-profit organization that works to protect whale longevity and their ability to communicate across the planet to all whales. The increasing inability of whales to communicate due to military testing, increasing noise pollution from commercial ships and oil drilling is negatively impacting their survival.

Ingredients of the blend include: Aged Helichrysum, Frankincense Carterii & Serrata CO2, Myrrh CO2, Aged Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Cacao, Vetiver, and Lemongrass. The first five oils listed were an integral part of Eric's life and personality, as he used or wore them daily. The Cacao lends itself to the personality aspect of Eric, of which he loved eating raw cacao each day for energy and superfood nutrition aspects. This blend is of an exceptional quality and synergy holding very high and unique therapeutic properties.

Thank you for your support in this charitable effort. If inspired, Read the 5 Top reasons you should consider this blend:

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