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Aromatherapy vs MRSA

By Maggie Tisserand, a pioneer in the use of essential oils as medicines in the 1970’s.


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Product Description

Many therapists have considered the anti-infectious nature of essential oils to be their most beneficial property to the human race. MRSA is a potentially deadly bacterial infection that has become resistant to most common antibiotics, and is hence very difficult to treat.

This book does a fantastic job at explaining bacterial infections in general, and MRSA in particular, from a microbiology standpoint.

Further, it goes on to explain how essential oils can treat these infections, and particularly note the efficacy of "Benchmark Thyme", an essential oil made from 4 different strains of Thymus zygis, which has show to be a more effective antiseptic than tea tree.

Very worthwhile reading for those dealing with the illness themselves or know friends or family who are. As well as practitioners who would like to expand their knowledge on this important, timely subject.

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