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Athlete Magic Blend


About the Blend: This potent anti-inflammatory essential oil blend includes regenerative action that gets you back in the game faster… It’s also an excellent formula for support of ANY muscle, joint or connective tissue pain.

The 30mL size is our “Extra Strength” formula. The 60mL size is “Normal Strength“.

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Product Description

Ananda has a few over achievers on staff, athletes that find themselves nursing injuries more often than they would like. We put together this formula for a case of tendonitis, and it worked like, well...Magic! With Helichrysum, the single most important essential oil for athletes, with anti-inflammatory AND regenerative activity -- in a fantastic synergy with a supercritical CO2 extract of Frankincense, Ginger and German Chamomile, all very potent anti-inflammatory oils unto themselves. Based in the light and easily-absorbed MCT oil.

Note that the 30mL size is our "extra-strength" formula - same ingredients, but a higher percentage of essential oils than the 60mL size - to help get you back in the gym, on the bike, in the pool, on the mat, up the rocks, or on the road!

Therapeutic Properties

This anti-inflammatory essential oil blend was formulated to address the needs of sports injuries, but can support the healing of any chronic or acute injury. The important activity is to reduce inflammation at the injury site, which is crucial to healing. This allows damaged material to be flushed out of the cells and new material for rebuilding allowed in. Couple this anti-inflammatory activity with the regenerative diketones of Helichrysum (called Italidiones) and you have a winner.

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