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Birch Essential Oil – Wild

  • Distillation Method: Steam
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Plant Part: Bark
  • Latin Name: Betula lenta
  • Cultivation: Naturally Grown

About the Oil: Therapeutically and chemically similar to Wintergreen Essential Oil, Sweet Birch has a more complex and brighter aroma. See also: Organic Wintergreen.

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Drops per ml
Blending Tips 53
Chemical Families
Esters 100%
Primary Constituents
methyl salicylate 99.92%
ethyl salicyatel .08%


Product Description

About The Plant

White Birch trees grow up to 20 meters high with slender branches, light green oval leaves and a silvery-white bark. They are a native species to eastern Europe, Russia, and Germany, yet are now found growing wild throughout the northern hemisphere.

About The Oil

Birch Essential Oil is steam distilled from the bark of Birch trees in the Adirondacks. The oil, while chemically and therapeutically similar to Wintergreen, is a specialty oil – it is much more difficult to extract than wintergreen, as the bark must be macerated and soaked for up to 12 hours before distillation. Furthermore, the essential oil of Birch is actually heavier than water (this is quite uncommon) so that the oil sinks, rather than floats, in the separation chamber.

This is believed to be some of the only true Birch produced today, as total crop figures cannot account for the commercially available Birch essential oil.

We really like this oil as an alternative to Wintergreen, as it has nuances that create a brighter, more complex interesting aroma. Use as you would Wintergreen oil in your formulas.

Of Interest

The sap of sweet birch can be combined with corn and fermented to make beer. The oil has been used by Native Americans to alleviate headaches and reduce fever.

Therapeutic Properties




Promotes urination
Helps maintain kidney action


Reduces body temperature


Eases discomfort
Decreases unpleasant sensory experiences
Soothes sore muscles, tendons and joints
Diminishes swelling
Increases local blood circulation


Opens the bronchial passages
Eases breathing



Birch is often included in formulas to open the breathing passages and may be blended with Ravensara and Eucalyptus for this purpose. Deep inhalation of the bright aroma can clear the sinuses and stimulate the mind.


Birch is often added to liniments, ointments and massage oils to help ease muscles and joints while increasing blood circulation.

Aromatherapy Details

This light green oil has an intense yet balanced fresh minty top note layered with a deep molasses, fennel-like middle note and undertones of dark, sweet wood.


The essential oil of Birch is made up almost exclusively of methyl salicylate and is harmful in concentration. Care must be taken to use Sweet Birch in very low amounts. Birch oil should be diluted significantly before topical application.

Do not use on children. Our bottles have a childproof cap to help mitigate the risk of child exposure.

If pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult a physician prior to use.

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