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Boulder Beard Oil Blend

This formula is designed to nourish and maintain a wonderful, full and shiny beard. This blend helps soften facial hair while keeping the skin smooth and soothed by preventing irritation.  The ingredients are scientifically shown to have anti-bacterial qualities, which can support the prevention of skin infections.

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Product Description

Our Boulder Beard Oil Blend is composed of ingredients which greatly contribute to maintaining the health of the hair and skin. Each ingredient has been carefully selected for their numerous benefits. These ingredients both enhance the health of the hair and skin as well as provide protective anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. These qualities help to keep the skin free from breakouts. Enjoy the subtle woodsy aroma and added benefits of a healthy, manageable beard with undeniable shine and softness.

Ingredients: Dark Patchouli, Wild Australian Sandalwood, Spruce, Sage, Frankincense Carteri & Serrata blend, and Aged Texas Cedarwood based in Sweet Almond, Argan, and Kukui carrier oils.

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