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Cedarwood (Atlas) Special Aged Essential Oil – Organic

  • Distillation Method: Steam
  • Country of Origin: Morocco
  • Plant Part: Heartwood
  • Latin Name: Cedrus atlantica
  • Cultivation: Certified Organic

About the Oil: This is our classic Atlas Cedarwood, proprietarily- and naturally-aged at Ananda to improve its aromatic and potentially therapeutic properties.
See the Cedarwood (Himalayan) page for more information on this oil.

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Product Description

About The Plant

The reddish-brown barked ‘Atlas Cedar’ tree is a large, (135-165 feet tall) pyramid-shaped evergreen conifer native to the Atlas mountains of Algeria and Morocco. A member of the pine family, and direct descendant of the Lebanon cedars, ‘Atlas Cedar’ is not to be confused with the North American ‘Red Cedar’ tree in the cypress family. Red cedar produces an essential oil with an entirely distinct aromatic and therapeutic profile.

About The Oil

Cedarwood essential oil has been used in medicines and cosmetics throughout the ages. We have two ‘true’ Cedarwood essential oils steam distilled from the wood of wild Cedar grown in Morocco and Nepal. These wildcrafted Cedarwoods may be the only true Cedarwoods available today. They’re both exceptionally fine oils, with a beautifully well-rounded aromas, and are the best choice for therapeutic applications of Cedarwood.

Of Interest

Oil from Cedar of Lebanon, an ancestral species, was used by the ancient Egyptians for embalming purposes, cosmetics and perfumery. The essential oil was also one of the ingredients of ‘mithridat’, a poison antidote used for centuries. Cedarwood has been used as a temple incense by Tibetan Buddhists for centuries to enhance mental strength, endurance and certainty. Cedar oil has also been used in Eastern medicine.

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