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Digital Diffuser Timer

The Digital Timer is programmable with 8 on/off settings per day, with the possibility for different settings for each day of the week. An internal battery retains the program if the unit is unplugged.

The digital timer allows setting the diffuser cycle to the minute. Some users will run their diffuser for 5-10 minutes per hour on maximum output.


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Product Description

Diffuser timers provide maximum control for aromatherapy oil diffusion. A timer allows precise control over the essential oil concentration in diffused in any space. Never worry about turning it off when you leave the house, a timer will preserve those precious oils automatically. You can set a timer to diffuse essential oil into your bedroom space throughout the night. A timer helps to conserve your oil further as if a diffuser is run continuously, the 'smell sense' will get used to an aroma, detecting it less and less, requiring more essential oil for the same result.

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