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Frankly Naked Soap

Frankly Naked comes with our Wedded Bliss Gift Set. It is SO amazing that we just needed to offer it separately. Soak it up while it’s here!

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Product Description

Lovers can lather up with the aromatic infusions of Frankincense Carteri & Serrata CO2 and Cajeput. This all natural blend of essential oils and organic Hi-Olive Castile soap is great for the skin. This soap induces a calm mind, perfect for unwinding, leaving an overall refreshed feeling of the body and mind. Allow this soap to soak into your body and senses, inviting your mind and body to become one as you inhale the exquisite aroma of Frankincense and Cajeput.

This is an 8oz bottle

Ingredients: Essential oils of Frankincense Carteri & Serrata CO2 and Cajeput based in an organic Hi-Olive Castile Soap

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