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Graceful Goddess Blend


About the Blend: Sweet, smooth, uplifting, and grounding, pure bliss in a bottle. Brings balance to the air and ether elements. Blended with a balance of these pure oils: wild crafted Frankincense CO2, Jasmine Absolute, and organic Lemongrass, organic Bay Laurel, Rose Otto essential oils.

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Product Description

The alchemical formula of Graceful Goddess is gentle and yet powerful, designed to support your emotional well-being. Lemongrass and Bay Laurel are known for their support of the flow of the lymph, the water element of our being. We invite you to gracefully honor the flow of your precious life by massaging lymph and breast areas with this profound formula.

Frankincense and Lemongrass have both demonstrated anticancer properties in laboratory research -- eradicating unhealthy cells specifically. The lymph-moving and potentially anticancer action work together to promote a higher state of health in these systems of the body.

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