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I AM Collection Blend Set

Ananda 2020 New Year Limited Edition Set – This is a Special Alchemist Collection for the Year 2020 only at The Ananda Apothecary. Limited Quantity Available!

About This Set: This energetically encoded “I AM” series is made for those of who are mindfully transitioning into this New Year embracing new possibilities with love, acceptance, and appreciation. Each blend is associated with an intention to affirm the message that lies within.

The ‘I AM’ Collection blends are 10mL synergistic formulations of essential oils and flower essences. Each is a powerful affirmation of its namesake. This set of seven can also be used individually over a 7-week personal daily ritual retreat or practice by working with one oil weekly and connecting to its essence through all senses.

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Product Description

About the ‘I AM’ Collection

Bring in this New Year with Positive Affirmations! Our new I AM Collection includes seven powerful blends. Each formulation in this unique collection is an inspired energetically encoded creation of essential oils and flower essences. Each was crafted to support you in realizing and embodying all that you already are in this new year, decade and beyond. Inspired by the New Year of 2020, we realized there is no need for the conditioned New Year’s resolution or agreement to self-deprecation. Rather, the true, NEW, and refreshing mindset should inspire a Self re-NEW-al Revolution: ‘I AM perfect the way I AM’! Meet any daily experience, life challenge or support your personal retreat in self care.

Each formulation is intended to be used mindfully as a daily self-care ritual with the intention to embody the essence of its namesake.

What are Flower Essences?

Excerpt and Paraphrase from Flower Essence Services (FES):

“Flower essences and essential oils are very complimentary to each other in healing work. While both affect the mind-body continuum, they work from opposite pathways. Essential oils enter through the senses to reach the soul, while flower essences impact the subtle energy fields of the soul to affect physical well-being. Flower essences and essential oils combine well in spray bottles and in topical applications, such as in skin cremes and massage oils.

Flower essences are liquid extracts used to address profound issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health. They are part of an emerging field of subtle energy medicine, which also includes homeopathy, acupuncture, color therapy and similar modalities. Essential oils have definite aromas; flower essences do not. Essential oils work primarily through the sense of smell and its effect upon the “old brain.”  Flower essences are gentle to use whether taken internally or used on the skin. Essential oils are a physical extract and flower essences are a subtle energy “extract.”

Recommended Application

Diffuse or Inhale directly. May be applied topically diluted in a carrier oil. To make a space/energy clearing spritz, add 10-25 drops of a blend to 2oz of pure water and shake before use.

How to Use

Use as needed or as the circumstance presents itself, or work with one blend a week for seven weeks to clear, balance, elevate and nurture the amazing self that you are. It’s recommended users connect with the synergistic plant essences in each bottle and feel their gifts as affirmations are made out loud.

About the Blends 

Click on the drop-down menu below to see ingredients and mantras for each ‘I AM’ blend.

**Note** To find more about the properties of each essential oil, click on the name of the oil to see the product page.


I AM Clear

I AM Clear. I AM Confident. I AM Awake.

When one is clear, one has a knowingness of where they stand, how they think and operate in the world. There is a confidence that is experienced and able to be expressed.
This being moves from a centered state of awareness, doesn’t doubt their actions, and sees things from a higher perspective— from a state of consciousness that is awake
and aware of their place in this world. Neither opinion, projection or influence from outside reflections can deter clarity. The veil is lifted, as this one can See.

Essential oils: Siberian Fir, Frankincense Serrata CO₂, and Pink Grapefruit
Flower Essences: Deer Brush and Chaparral

Deerbrush: Invokes clarity of purpose, encouraging the soul to act with nobility, clear intention and sincerity of motive; Allows ones outer actions to become more resonant with the truth of ones inner being, reflecting clarity of spirit and heart.

Chaparral: This essence promotes a clear and balanced psychic awareness with a deeply cleansing aspect that both nourishes and protects the spirit and psyche; A powerful psychic and physical cleanser, Chaparral encourages attunement to the essence of Light.

I AM Free

I AM Free. I AM Sovereign. I AM Limitless.

Being free is what we are in our truest, purest essence. It is Liberation, our highest achievement in existence and the ‘purpose' one inherently seeks in the life experience. This one knows the mysteries of being in their own power, completely sovereign. A master of Self. One where there is no tethers to bind, enslave or limit in any way because it is not possible in a liberated soul. Here within are no limits of possibilities, programming of mind, or of any attachments to the temporal or circumstantial events.

Essential oils : Angelica, Geranium, and Roman Chamomile
Flower Essences: Red Clover and Rock Water

Red Clover: This essence invokes a calm, steady and balanced response to Life, no matter the situation. Invites a level of freedom that penetrates the forces of spirit with a readiness to embrace any challenge or gift and act from ones radiant center of inner truth; allows one to remain uninfluenced from anything not in alignment with this inner truth.

Rock Water: Encourages a sense of flexibility and freedom when moving through the flowing, pulsing currents of the soulful, spiritual and emotional aspects of life; deeply restorative, especially for those who adopt a rigid attitude about life, by allowing ones feelings to freely flow and course thoughout the body, much like the rivers course upon the Earth.

I AM Strong

AM Strong. AM Empowered. I AM Courageous.

Strength comes not from physical abilities, but of the inner, innate aspect of the Soul. It takes more strength to be open of heart, than it does to be closed of heart. In the most challenging of times, the strong one rises like a Phoenix from the ashes, unharmed and more beautiful. Strength is of a knowingness that nothing can harm, destroy or detour your vision, dreams, or emotional experiences in the face of fire or upset to perceived comfort. What will happen is going to happen. Nothing or no circumstance can diminish the innate omnipresence. Here within, courage blossoms out of thin air and bears the fruit of firm conviction of one’s own integrity, ability and surrender to all outcome. Destiny is embraced.

Essential oils: Sweet Fennel, Indian Sandalwood, Vetiver, and Peru Balsam
Flower Essences: Mullein and Garlic

Mullein: Awakens the soul to the voice of ones resonant and authentic inner truth; assists to expand ones capacity to listen and respond, no matter the social pressures and outside influence, with the truthfulness of inner conscience.

Garlic: This essences restores ones resilient and active responses to life and aids in the resistance to negative outside influences, encouraging a deeply clear and coherent field within the physical, spiritual and etheric bodies.

I AM Joy

I AM Joy. I AM Ecstatic. I AM Delighted.

Pure contentment, happiness and fullness is felt within a joyful person. It is the nectar of life and can be felt like ecstasy in its totality and reveling in the pleasure of it. Bliss. There is a lightness of heart and spirit that dances within, almost for no reason at all: it is full of light… de-Light-Full. This one is free of worry, fears, doubts and conditions that impinge, suppress or oppress the natural state of our being. Children and babies are jumping, bouncing, smiling, giggling, bundles of joy. Our inborn expression is joy. Joy when we first wake, in every moment, and in our divinely given heart. Embodying our child-like nature or inner child is the gift.

Essential oils: Neroli, Lemon, Myrrh, and Wild Rosemary
Flower Essences: Manzanita and Hound’s Tongue

Hound’s Tongue: Stimulates an integrated thinking expression of the physical world from a spiritually clear perception; restores a sense of reverence for life invoking a deeply visceral experience of Joy.

Manzanita: This essence assists one to embrace the embodied integration of the Higher, spiritual Self with the physical world, especially with the body, bringing a visceral understanding of the soul's home in the body as a sacred temple.

I AM Whole

I AM Whole. I AM Complete. I AM Balanced.

Wholeness comes from integrating the physical and energetic or spiritual aspects within. The body is designed perfectly, in synchronicity and communication with all functions. It is the well-being and health at it’s finest where all energy centers, mind, body and soul are one and in balance. Nothing is needed, nothing is judged. There is no seeking outside the self, feelings of separation, or sense of not being loved, or desiring completion from an exterior source, substance or person. Like a circle, or a cell in the body, it is full, round, complete and is One individual among the trillions of other cells that make up the human vessel. Each playing it’s part of the whole, and each just as significant - not dependent on any other, but intrinsically significant as it is.

Essential oils: Helichrysum, Spike Lavender, Rose Absolute, and Amyris
Flower Essences: Pomegranate, Trillium, and Star of Bethlehem

Pomegranate: Encourages a warm, heart felt disposition with the ability to access the spirit of feminine creativity in true alignment with ones true nature and path.

Trillium: Assists to invoke a secure sense of personal welfare in relationship to ones spiritual strenth; helps to both ground and harmonize the personal well-being with the spiritual soul.

Star of Bethlehem: A deeply healing and restorative remedy supporting a felt sense of inner divinity, spiritual adjustments, and alignments. Calming and soothing aspects, especially to those who have undergone shock or trauma. Star of Bethlehem is a healing remedy..

I AM Peace

I AM Peace. I AM Harmonious. I AM Sublime.

All is good. This embodiment is entirely at ease. Life is experienced with calm, coherence and sublimity. Things are in a flow like a babbling brook and the beauty and grandeur of the life is taken in like a deep breath and exhaled like a long sigh. There is a graceful stillness within that nothing can touch, taint or extract. The world and everything in it, or seen of it, is in harmony. Serenity is seen in and of all things because the state of being is achieved into a lucid dream. Unlike a virtue, Peace is not something one can learn, but an actualization manifest at the moment one chooses to let go and just be.

Essential oils: Amyris, Elemi, and Ylang Ylang Complete
Flower Essences: Scotch Broom, Star Tulip, and Indian Pink

Star Tulip: A remedy of deep listening with receptive attunement to the inner and higher spiritual world. Evokes a serene disposition and often sensitizes the soul, allowing it to become more and more aware of its connection to other worlds - especially through the means of dreams, meditation, prayer, etc.

Indian Pink: Supports a greater experiential understanding of health and harmony through supporting the ability to remain calm and serene even under intense pressure. Indian Pink reminds us of our spiritual centers, and to live from the experience of equanimity.

I AM Alive

I AM Alive. I AM Creative. I AM Sensual.

To be breathing is to exist. Rejoice! Dance! Sing! The gift of the physical experience is awesome, meaning to be IN AWE of the SUM of who you are. The appreciation of this realization automatically brings exuberance, vitality, inspiration and creativity that can be expressed. This is enthusiasm at it’s peak. The human body has so many senses! We are sensory, sensorial, sensual, extrasensory and sensational beings! What a miracle! What a wonder! Only through the body and its senses can one experience so much: taste, smell, sound, touch, vision — and then take all of those and amplify them as we choose as pleasure, pain, perception, and… the dream goes on and on. It is a gift to be breathing, to be here, to explore, to create, to inspire, to procreate, to be alive. As one saying goes: 'You do not have a soul You ARE a soul. You have a body’, and through the body can one experience LIFE, hence you are A Life… Alive. Wow.

Essential oils: Orange, Frankincense Carteri, Juniper Berry, Black Pepper, and May Chang
Flower Essences: Nasturtium and Chrysanthemum

Nasturtium: Shines a warm and radiant light on the thinking process, allowing this light to synergize with the consciousness of experience itself; invoking a balance and integrated sense of aliveness.

Chrysanthemum: Supports the ability to transcend through the attachment to mortal, earthly affairs into higher realms of soul expression in alignment with the true, spiritual and Higher Self.

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