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Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil

  • Distillation Method: Steam
  • Country of Origin: Egypt
  • Plant Part: Flower/Leaf
  • Latin Name: Origanum majorana
  • Cultivation: Naturally Grown

About the Oil: The entire marjoram plant is strongly aromatic and produces a wonderful essential oil with a great variety of properties and uses. Along with the warming, soothing, and fortifying effects of Marjoram, ours has a delightful green, woody, herbaceous, and sweet aroma.

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Drops per ml
Blending Tips 56
Chemical Families
Monoterpenols 61.25%
Monoterpenes 26.34%
Sesquiterpenes 10.83%
Primary Constituents
linalool 27.83%
4-terpineol 26.59%
gamma terpinene 9.5%
limonene 6.2%
alpha copaene 5.1%


Product Description

About The Plant

A perennial, aromatic herb growing to a height of 30 inches with dark green ovoid leaves and spiky white and pink clusters of flowers, Sweet Marjoram is a species native to the Mediterranean regions of North Africa, and Egypt. The plant is now cultivated in various northern European countries. There is confusion between species of Marjoram and Oregano: 'Wild Marjoram' (Origanum vulgare) is also known as 'Common Oregano' and distilled to make 'Oregano oil'. Majorana is the only variety that has the ability to strengthen and relax the mind and body and the only oil that should be labeled 'Sweet Marjoram".

About The Oil

Sweet Marjoram essential oil is steam-distilled from the leaves. The essential oil is an amber colored liquid with a warm, woody, spicy and mildly camphoraceous aroma. Our particular variety is a bit sweeter and more pleasant than others we've tried.

Of Interest

The herb has a long tradition in culinary use and as a 'folk' remedy. It was used by the ancient Greeks in fragrances, cosmetics and medicines. Its original name comes from a Greek word meaning 'joy of the mountains'. Marjoram essential oil is considered to have warming, soothing and fortifying effects. It is considered by aromatherapists to aid in menstrual, digestive, nervous and respiratory complaints.

Therapeutic Properties


assists in wound healing


encourages sweating
assists the body's natural eliminatory response
relieves muscular tension and aching joints
lessens headaches due to congestion
neutralizes microbes


neutralizes microbes
relaxes cramping
aids in the expulsion of mucous
stimulates the bronchi


warms muscles
eases discomfort
decreases unpleasant sensory experiences
soothes sore muscles


settles digestion
increases absorption in the intestines
promotes normal peristalsis
assists the body's natural eliminatory response
stimulates digestion
promotes urination
helps maintain kidney action
assists in cleansing and detoxifying the body


helps disperse bruises
decreases blood circulation
helps to relieve stress


diminishes sexual desire
relaxes cramping
promotes and regulates menstruation


stimulates the parasympathetic nervous function
lowers the sympathetic function
strengthens the nervous system
helps alleviate stress and nervous tension
promotes sleep
calms the nervous system
relieves stress
clears the head
relieves intellectual fatigue
strengthens and clarifies the mind


Sweet marjoram oil circulates Qi energy.


Marjoram helps to calm obsessive thinking, ease emotional craving and promote the capacity for self-nurturing. Marjoram oil is comforting for people who are lonely or suffering grief. However, it should be used only for a short period as extended use may have a deadening effect on the emotions.



direct inhalation, diffuser, oil vaporizer, steam inhalation
According to Tisserand, most of its functions center around the autonomic nervous systems. It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and lowers the sympathetic function.


massage, compress, bath, ointment, skincare
To relieve muscular stiffness and joint discomfort, Marjoram oil can be included in a massage blend at a 5% concentration and applied as frequently as desired.

It is also highly recommended as a nerve tonic; dilute in a carrier oil and rub into the temples or the chest.


1-3 drops diluted once a day for a short period of time.

Aromatherapy Details

This Sweet Marjoram has a deep, warm, musky, woody, spicy and mildly camphoraceous aroma.

Marjoram oil blends well with lavender, rosemary, bergamot, the chamomiles, cypress, cedarwood, tea tree and eucalyptus.

For measuring blends using % concentrations, or for measuring fractions of milliliters, see measuring essential oils.


Generally non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. Always test a small amount first for sensitivity or allergic reaction.

Do not use if pregnant. If using internally, consultation with a physician is recommended.

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