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Oh Bella! Massage Oil


Oh Bella! An All-time favorite!

About the Blend:  A luscious, smooth and fragrant aromatherapy massage oil crafted with the classic, aphrodisiac floral essential oils. The synergy between the gentle warmth of Sandalwood with the delightful and pleasing floral aromatics makes for a decadent and nourishing treat!

Ingredients: Ylang Ylang Extra, Australian Sandalwood, Angelica, Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Jasmine Absolute Sambac, Hazelnut Oil, Jojoba Oil

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Product Description

Ohhhh Bella! One of our long time customer favorites, Oh Bella! Massage Oil blend is a sensuous blend of oils of which are highly prized for their aroma, spiritual indications and aphrodisiac properties.

Ylang Ylang Extra (floral, alluring, exotic - considered one of the most important essential oils in perfumery), Australian Sandalwood (soothing, sedative and anxiety-reducing, with a lovely aroma), Angelica (absolutely heavenly and beautifully complex, it is thought to assist in release of old emotional wounds), Bulgarian Rose Absolute (rich, intoxicating - our favorite Rose absolute of all time bringing out subtle depth and fresh, classic floral notes), Jasmine Sambac (highly valued in aromatherapy for its euphoric, sensual qualities), Hazelnut Oil (soothing, softening and deeply penetrating with mild aroma), and Jojoba Oil (deeply moisturizing, lightweight and non-greasy).

About The Ingredients

Ylang Ylang Extra Essential Oil - Energetically cool and moist (Yin energy), Ylang Ylang works to clear heat from the heart, when severe nervous tension leads to cardiovascular symptoms. Simultaneously harmonizing the Mind (Shen) and calming the NERVOUS SYSTEM, the oil is known for its ability to "cool down" states of restlessness and agitation. It's soothing and calming to the mind and body, opening the heart and enhancing mood (especially sensual). The emotional hallmark of Ylang Ylang is a gentle euphoria that can be used during all phases of life to uplift emotions and help calm overexcited states. It can be used to support grounding and stabilization during experiences of fear and upset. Ylang ylang helps to create a feeling of peace and dispels anger, rage, and frustration which are often a hindrance to healing, meditation, and all spiritual activities. It can help balance male and female energies, reducing internal conflict between these seeming opposites. In this manner, the aroma of the oil may positively influence sexual relationships, help restore confidence and self-esteem, and inspire creativity.

Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil -Long considered the oil of choice for meditation, Sandalwood is reputed to quiet mental chatter. Sandalwood has a great effect on spiritual development related to the crown chakra, and it also links the base and crown chakras. Its aroma is relaxing, uplifting, soothing, and may improve mood. Australian Sandalwood essential oil is high in sesquiterpenes, a class of compounds that have been studied in Europe for its effects of stimulating the pineal gland. The pineal gland is responsible for regulating sleep, so using Sandalwood oil may induce and improve sleep cycles as well as enhance dream activity and dream recall capacity. The pineal gland is also responsible for the limbic region (emotional center) of the brain. This makes Santalum Spicatum Oil great for helping to balance the emotions, specifically when emotional states are hot and agitated or when reacting to others with aggression or irritation. It also makes it a good oil for dealing with fear, stress, and a hectic daily tempo.

Angelica Essential Oil - Top notes of citrus peel that meld with caramel, light-scented musk and floral middle notes are grounded by cedar and rich earth undertones. Also known as the 'holy spirit root' or 'oil of angels', Angelica oil's healing powers were considered so strong as to be thought of Divine origin by Europeans. Angelica's history of use spans the entire globe. Stems of the plant were chewed during the plague of 1660 to mitigate infection; when burned, the seeds and roots were thought to purify the air. Angelica is said to bloom on the day of Michael the Archangel and on that account is used as an agent against evil spirits and witches.

Bulgarian Rose Absolute - Deemed the ‘Queen of Flowers', and in aromatherapy Rose oil is often referred to as the Queen of Essential Oils. This Queen of Essential oils has been revered through-out the centuries for it's exquisitely sweet aroma and therapeutic value. Exalted in literature and mythology, the rose has been sacred since ancient times–it's blossom is a symbol of beauty, love, youth, perfection and immortality. In Greek mythology the rose is said to have sprung from Adonis, the Turks believe it sprang from the blood of Venus and the Mohammedans believe it sprang from the sweat of Mohamed.

Jasmine Sambac Essential Oil - Jasmine's particular gifts lie in the subtle realm. It is perhaps the psyche and emotions that are the principal beneficiaries of jasmine's powers. Add this precious treasure to blends to diminish feelings of fear, sadness, and gloom; Jasmine is thought to bring confidence and optimism and to produce feelings of euphoria. In general, feelings of love and peace surround this exquisite and delicate floral oil. The effects of jasmine have been described by Fischer-Rizzi as capable of changing our mood so intensely that it offers little choice other than optimism. She says that jasmine is especially helpful for emotional dilemmas, particularly when they involve relationships and sex. It is found to release inhibition, liberate the imagination, develop exhilarating playfulness, and has the power to transcend physical love, fully releasing male and female sexual energy. Jasmine is recommended for those whose approach to life is based on values discordant with the individual soul and its true desires.

Hazelnut Oil - Considered the most gentle of the carrier oils, this expeller‑pressed, lightly refined Hazelnut is suitable for all skin types. Rich but light and mildly fragranced, this easily absorbed oil is great in facial and massage blends. Hazelnut oil is especially useful for skin types that need oil control and desire to minimize the size of pores. It has unique properties due to a high content of catechins and tannins (both flavonoids) that give it a “dry” oil feel that smooths, tones and rejuvenates the skin.

Jojoba Oil - Considered a premium carrier oil due to its high stability and lightweight texture and is also ideal as a carrier for natural perfumes. Jojoba oil is a universal skin moisturizer, ideal for all skin types with great healing and penetrating properties. Due to its fatty acid profile it closely resembles our skin’s own sebum. It also makes a great cleanser for skin, hair, and scalp because it helps remove excess oils. Use this non‑greasy, non‑comedogenic wax for full body moisturizing, facial cleansing and makeup removal, a moisturizing facial oil, scalp and hair repair, massage oil, cuticle and nail treatment, or as a shaving cream.

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