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Palmarosa Essential Oil – Organic

  • Distillation Method: Steam
  • Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
  • Plant Part: Whole Plant
  • Latin Name: Cymbopogon martinii
  • Cultivation: Certified Organic

About the Oil: Palmarosa essential oil characterized by a soft floral, rose–like scent with a lemony fresh green note. Considered a “middlenote”, it is an important essential oil for skincare and natural fragrance.

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Drops per ml
Blending Tips 54
Chemical Families
Monoterpenols 80.44%
Esters 11.88%
Monoterpenes 3.62%
Primary Constituents
geraniol 77.56%
geranyl acetate 11.88%
linalool 2.88%
ocimene 1.96%
beta caryophyllene 1.83%


Product Description

About The Plant

Native to the Indian subcontinent, Palmarosa is a wild herbaceous plant, growing to a height of nine feet (three meters). With long, slender stems, fragrant grassy leaves, and flowers in ‘terminal' clusters. Palmarosa is a member of the Cymbopogon (formerly Andropogon) genus of aromatic tropical grasses.

About The Oil

Palmarosa essential oil is extracted by steam or water distillation of the fresh or dried grass.

Of Interest

Also known as (Indian) rosha, Palmarosa oil has been distilled since the 18th century. Featured in the Indian Materia Medica, Palmarosa essential oil and the dried herb are both used in Ayurvedic medicine. The bruised leaves were used to perfume bath water and make poultices.

Currently, Palmarosa essential oil is extensively used in perfumery and for scenting soaps.

Therapeutic Properties


Neutralizes microbes
Encourages cell regeneration
Helps heal burns and wounds
Reduces scarring
Minimizes stretch marks
Firms and contracts exposed tissue
Reduces moisture loss
Tones and restores venous circulation
Promotes the healing of tissues
Balances sebum production
Hydrates skin
Reduces redness
Diminishes swelling
Neutralizes insects
Deters insects
Indicated for: all skin types, especially acne, dry skin, undernourished skin, dermatitis, minor skin infections, wrinkles


Reduces body temperature
Neutralizes microbes
Neutralizes fungi


Stimulates appetite
Neutralizes microbes
Neutralizes fungi
Stimulates digestion


Neutralizes fungi
Strengthens the uterus


Improves mood
Helps alleviate stress, restlessness and nervous tension
Strengthens the nervous system


In terms of traditional oriental medicine, Palmarosa oil is cool and moist in energy. Like both Rose and Geranium, Palmarosa clears heat and strengthens yin energy (the body's calming, moistening functions). It is beneficial to the skin partly because of these moisture balancing effects.

A cardiotonic and nervous system relaxant, Palmarosa essential oil helps to stabilize both the Heart and nervous system. Reinforcing the Heart yin and calming the Mind (Shen), it is indicted for palpations, restlessness, insomnia, and anxiety.


Conveying a sense of movement, containment, and contentment (purna), palmarosa essential oil encourages free–flowing adaptability and a sense of security and trust in the divine flow of life. Palmarosa essential oil (like rose oil) centers, supports, and softens the Heart and Mind (Shen), and similar to lemon essential oil, Palmarosa can assist in clearing away oppression.

Palmarosa essential oil is especially good for hot conditions where there is a tendency towards tension and exhaustion.
Palmarosa is suited for individuals who suffer from nervousness, and insecurity, but who, in addition, cannot abide change, and the frequent absence of intimate loved ones. Palmarosa is appropriate as well for those who feel “clingy” jealous or possessive.

Having both calming and uplifting effects, it is a tonic for the heart and mind. It supports deep sleep, uplifts, calms and settles the mood, and provides comfort and support for feminine cycles.



Direct inhalation, diffuser, oil vaporizer


Massage, compress, bath, ointment, skincare
Offering cell renewal benefits, Palmarosa essential oil nourishes and restores skin health and harmony. It is also known for its ability to rejuvenate tired, sore feet, so it makes a great foot soak.


Internally it helps to relieve digestive concerns.

Aromatherapy Details

This Palmarosa has a light, citrus and grassy top note, a sweet, heavily floral, rose-like middle note and tropical, banana-ester and wooded undertones.

Palmarosa essential oil blends well with basil, fennel, geranium, lemongrass, myrtle, pine, thyme, sandalwood, cedarwood, and floral oils.


Generally non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. Always test a small amount first for sensitivity or allergic reaction.

If pregnant, consult with a physician prior to use.

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