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Palo Santo Essential Oil – Wild

  • Distillation Method: Steam Distilled
  • Country of Origin: Ecuador
  • Plant Part: Heartwood
  • Latin Name: Bursera graveolens
  • Cultivation: Wild Grown

About the Oil: From Ananda Aromatherapy, pure Palo Santo essential oil distilled from aged heartwood, ethically wildcrafted in Ecuador. Palo Santo is considered to have important, complex therapeutic activities, including anti–anxiety, anti–inflammatory and anticancer effects.

This was made with great care to produce a highly therapeutic oil, while protecting the tree’s natural environment.*

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Drops per ml
Blending Tips 61
Chemical Families
Monoterpene N/A
Ether N/A
Monoterpenol N/A


Product Description

About The Plant

Native to Mexico through the Yucatan Peninsula down through to South America (including the Galapagos Islands), Bursera graveolens is a tree which goes by many names. "Palo Santo" means "holy wood" or "sacred tree", the tree also goes by "Bulnesia sarmientoi", as well as Argentine or Paraguay "lignum vitae". It is considered a distant relative of Boswellia trees which produce Frankincense and Myrrh.

The trees themselves are endangered, and their environment continues to be threatened. This oil has been distilled only from wood which has already fallen; the distiller is careful to leave the forest in as pristine a natural condition as possible.

About The Oil

We're truly grateful to have found this exceptional Palo Santo essential oil. The oil is handcrafted at every step, a crucial aspect in the production of an essential oil with such important therapeutic medicinal and spiritual applications.

Analysis of the essential oil reveals high levels of limonene, a monoterpene well researched for its potent healing and immune support qualities.

Of Interest

Palo Santo has an ancient ethno–botanical history and has long been worshiped by indigenous cultures for its purifying and healing powers. The wood holds a significant place in the shamanic practices of the region. The wood matures over time after the tree has died, developing a chemistry that makes for a very powerful essential oil—it is from wood of this condition that this oil has been distilled. It is very interesting that the same chemistry does not occur in cut branches or the wood of cut trees. So it said that the spirits of the sacred Palo Santo trees are carried in the essential oil and are part of what makes the oil so potent.

To harvest the oil, only dead trees that have been left lying on the ground for a minimum of two years can be used. The resin is driven into the heartwood when the wood dies and matures, developing its unique and powerful chemistry. The average life of the Palo Santo tree is between 80 and 90 years. Palo Santo, like its cousin Frankincense, belongs to the category of "spiritual oils", renowned for their esoteric properties. The oil may aid in meditative practices and work in concert with the pineal gland, or "third eye". This distillation is highly therapeutic.

Therapeutic Properties




Neutralizes microbes
Deters insects
Indicated for: acne


Neutralizes microbes
Supports the immune system


Aids in the expulsion of mucous
Stimulates the bronchi


Eases discomfort
Decreases unpleasant sensory experiences
Relaxes cramping
Soothes sore muscles


Calms the nervous system
Temporarily alleviates headaches and migraines
Improves mood
Calms the nervous system
Lessens anxiety
Reduces stress
Strengthens the nervous system
Helps alleviate stress and nervous tension
Helps to balance emotions


From an Ayurvedic perspective, Palo Santo Oil will alleviate problems caused by the Vata (wind) and Kapha (phlegm) doshas. It also has beneficial uses to alleviate the Pitta (fire) dosha in certain circumstances. By balancing "wind" Palo Santo oil will assist in slowing down the overly active mind and will support tranquility and peacefulness. By balancing "phlegm" palo santo oil helps to lighten tendencies of sluggishness, complacency and melancholy. It is mood uplifting and supports heightened energy (prana) in the body. When Pitta dosha infiltrates the joints and muscles, causing pain and tension, Palo Santo oil can be a healing gem. Most importantly, Palo Santo oil is primarily sattvic, and when used regularly it purifies the channels of the mind and elevates the spirit.


Palo Santo oil has settling, calming and grounding qualities making it a great ally for maintaining emotional equanimity, as well as a superb oil for spiritual uplifting. Often used for shamanic ritual, it is a valuable tool for meditation, spiritual connection, enhancing creativity, and for tasks requiring sustained concentration.

It is very effective when working with the 1st Chakra (Root) which deals with survival and living on the planet, the 6th Chakra (Third Eye) which deals with the spiritual gift of vision (how we see ourselves and others, how we see the world), the 7th Chakra (Crown) which deals with our higher information and connection to Divine energy, and the 8th Chakra (which sits above the head) and is considered pure soul essence and energy.



Direct inhalation, diffuser, oil vaporizer
Considered one of the best essential oils to use with direct inhalation, the energetics of Palo Santo essential oil (also experienced though diffusion) are thought to be a great aid to "clearing bad energy". Further, it is thought to uplift the spirits, bring good luck, inspire creativity, and provide protection. The aroma also strongly supports meditation and deeper concentration.

It is great to use this oil for its energetic protective qualities for the home as well as physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Diffuse for respiratory wellness.


Massage, compress, bath, skincare
Like many resinous wood oils, Palo Santo oil has many applications:
Wear a drop on the wrists as a personal fragrance.
Beneficial for the skin, it can be used in formulas for healing, cleansing and anti–aging.
Combine with frankincense for headaches and rub into temples.
With a softness and sweetness similar to some species of frankincense, it is an ideal additive to massage oils.


Do not ingest.

Aromatherapy Details

The aroma of Palo Santo essential oil is magnificent with balsamic, woody, and even "chocolatey" notes. It has a very potent character–we find it best to experience "hints" of the scent so you can detect the complexity of its aroma. With deep inhalation, you'll note the very strong medicine; start slow and light for best results!

Palo Santo blends well with other woods and resins; it will be quite at home blended with Frank-incense, Myrrh and Cedarwood.

For measuring blends using % concentrations, or for measuring fractions of milliliters, see measuring essential oils.


Although generally non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing, Palo Santo can be dermotoxic to some if used directly on the skin. Always test a small amount first for sensitivity or allergic reaction.

Avoid use during pregnancy.

Do not take Palo Santo essential oil internally.

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