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Sandalwood (New Caledonia) Essential Oil


About the Oil: Deeply nourishing and satisfying, this Santalol–rich (60%) New Caledonian Sandalwood Essential Oil is highly therapeutic and calming with a smooth and soft sandalwood fragrance.

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Product Description

About The Plant

New Caledonia is a special collectivity of France located in the southwest Pacific Ocean east of Australia. Santalum austrocaledonicum is a small tree with gray bark and short branches bearing light-green leaves that typically grows 5 to 12 meters (16 to 39 ft) tall, and around 4 to 8 meters (13 to 26 ft) wide. They are considered semi-parasitic in their early stages as their roots drink the sap of their host plant. Found in New Caledonia and the Vanuatan Archipelago, most of these trees have been removed from their natural habitat due to logging. Now very few trees remain in the wild.

About The Oil

This austrocaledonicum species of Sandalwood, with its rich, precious-wood aroma, provides a cost effective and sustainable alternative to Indian Sandalwood oil. Revered as a fixative in natural perfumery, this smooth, deep aroma is richer and longer lasting on a scent strip than our previous Sandalwood from New Caledonia. Our ethically sourced New Caledonia Sandalwood oil is produced under strict guidelines of the New Caledonia Government Forestry Commission (within registered quota volumes). For each mature tree cut the owner of the land replants 5 seedlings.

NOTE: It is common to find oils distilled from the wood of Santalum lanceolatum and Eremophila mitchelli fraudulently sold in the marketplace as "Sandalwood" essential oil. However, neither the aromatic compounds nor the therapeutic attributes are similar enough to true Sandalwood to act as a substitute.

Of Interest

The long history of Sandalwood in the cultural and spiritual life of Asia is enormous. The wood has been: carved into furniture, temples, and religious icons; burned as incense in Buddhist and Hindu temples; and used in Tibetan and Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine(s), just to name a few of its many uses.

Long before its therapeutic qualities were known, Sandalwood essential oil was used in yogic and other meditative practices to harness stillness of mind and unity of being. With a history of 4,000 years of use, Sandalwood essential oil is one of the oldest known perfume components.

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