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Super Immune Blend


About the Blend: Eight very highly‑regarded immune system supporting oils in one formula. The perfect ‘extra‑strength’ blend for superior protection. Eucalyptus Radiata, Lavender, Rosalina, Bay Laurel, Pine Needle, Ravintsara, Thyme Benchmark and Melissa Essential Oils.

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Product Description

Many essential oils are known to have anti-viral and anti-microbial effects, with a significant amount of research performed over the last decade. The immunity essential oil blend may enhance the strength of the immune system through subtle 'tuning' -- by changing membrane potentials and increasing messenger receptor activity are two ways science has uncovered.

This broad-spectrum immune boosting antiviral blend contains pure therapeutic quality essential oils of Eucalyptus Radiata, Lavender, Rosalina, Bay Laurel, Pine Needle, Ravintsara, Thyme Benchmark and Melissa Essential Oils.

Melissa (Lemon Balm) has been the subject of a great many studies in Europe for its antiviral effects, with perhaps the largest body of evidence of any essential oil. Its also considered one of the most uplifting aromatics, an action that can be very enhancing to the immune system. Melissa is a rare and precious oil with one of the most profound immunostimulant actions used in aroma-therapeutics.

Thyme is also a very complex antimicrobial; Thyme essential oil was recently studied for the synergistic antibiotic action of its natural individual constituents. Ravensara, often prescribed for bronchial infections, shares many therapeutic actions with Eucalyptus. It is thought to be an even more effective anti-viral essential oil.

Bay Laurel has been studied specifically for its effects against the SARS virus, and is a highly-complex essential oil, containing 7 of the 9 molecular classes found in essential oils. Lavender and Melaleuca ericafolia (also known as Rosalina or Lavender Tea Tree, a 'new' essential oil from Australia) are included for their positive effects on the immune system, as well as being broad spectrum antimicrobials. Finally, we're now including Pinus sylvestris, as Dr. Kurt Schaubelt is particularly keen on the antiviral properties of Pine essential oil.


This powerful and masterfully formulated blend has many therapeutic applications.

Most common application is to diffuse (Nebulizing Diffuser highly recommended) to clean and purify the air. We recommend using a Pocket Diffuser for on the go protection, especially in Cold/Flu seasons.

To stimulate the Immune System, we love to massage a couple of drops of this blend, diluted in a carrier oil, directly to the lymph nodes on the neck. We also recommend placing a small trace of the diluted blend under the nasal passages and on the bottom of the feet where essential oils become the most bio-available. May be diluted in a bath, used as a room freshener.

(Note: We recommend diluting this blend in a carrier oil before direct use on skin. Be sure to patch test a very small amount of your formula first. Always patch test for skin sensitivity. Repeated use can cause extreme skin sensitization.)


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