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Super Skin Serum Blend


About the Blend: Our absolute best antiaging skin care formula: totally natural, totally balanced, totally effectve.

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Product Description

For daily use in supporting youthful skin look, feel, and vibrancy. It is becoming widely-known that two of the primary factors in skin aging are inflammation and the activity of oxidative free-radicals. We've created this fantastic formula with potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant ingredients.

Includes Sea Buckthorn CO2, and Rosemary 'Antioxidant' extracts ~ all very rich in phytonutrients for the skin. Frankincense and Myrrh CO2's, renown for their anti-aging properties for the skin, along with anti-inflammatory of Blue Tansy and Ginger CO2 extract, and the very healing Calendula.

Plus essential oils of Helichrysum italicum (valued for its regenerative actions), Rose Otto (one of the premier essential oils for skin care - and the oil of the 'highest vibration'), and the soft and soothing Roman Chamomile.

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