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Sweet Surrender Massage Oil

About the Blend: An incredibly decadent and absolutely indulging massage oil, Sweet Surrender is one of a kind and easily our most luxurious blend yet! Perfect for a lovers massage, or for anyone looking to receive its aromatic and intoxicating scent-suality. To bask in Sweet Surrender is a divine treat!

Ingredients:  Rose Otto (Bulgaria) Essential Oil, Cacao Absolute, Essential oil of Peru Balsam,  Coconut MCT Oil, and Avocado Oil

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Product Description

Craftfully formulated to invoke a scent-sually sweet surrender into the little luxuries that life has to offer, Sweet Surrender Massage Oil supports a serene and decadent massage experience.

Indulge the senses with this divine and aromatic blend of Cacao (think, Chocolate!), Peru Balsam (a sustainable and heavenly substitute to Vanilla) and Rose Otto (the highest vibrational and intoxicatingly aromatic Rose from Bulgaria) held in the bases of Coconut MCT Oil (lightweight and readily absorbed Coconut Oil, minus the long fatty acid chains leaving it liquid and odorless) and Avocado Oil (a rich and relatively thick emollient).

About The Ingredients

Cacao Absolute - Known to open the heart chakra and bring healing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Research shows that smelling cacao reduces levels of stress and anxiety. Cacao may also help to reduce cravings and addictive patterns. The scent of this exquisite essential oil is at once mystical and magical. We recommend cacao essential oil for increasing creativity and connection to your heart chakra. It also enhances pleasure, including sex. Cacao is a 'potentiator', enhancing the yumminess of the other essential oils with which it is blended. Cacao essential oil is loved by children as well as elders and makes a nice addition to one's collection. Cacao Absolute is a must for chocolate lovers as the aroma is that of the finest dark chocolate!

Rose Essential Oil - Has the most diverse therapeutic properties of all essential oils. Most aromatherapists agree that rose oil is effective at all times of life for the soul, spirit, and body. Exalted in literature and mythology, the rose has been sacred since ancient times–it's blossom is a symbol of beauty, love, youth, perfection, and immortality. In Greek mythology, the rose is said to have sprung from Adonis. The Turks believe it sprang from the blood of Venus, and the Mohammedans believe it sprang from the sweat of Mohamed. The rose has been deemed the ‘Queen of Flowers', and in aromatherapy, Rose oil is often referred to as the Queen of Essential Oils. This Queen of Essential oils has been revered throughout the centuries for its exquisitely sweet aroma and therapeutic value.

Peru Balsam Essential Oil - one of a kind with its rich, sweet, woody and especially vanilla-like aroma. The historical uses of Balsam of Peru date as far back as the Mayan culture where it was used as incense and medicinal purposes. Sixteenth-century popes sanctioned the substitution of Balsam of Peru for the much harder to find Mecca balsam for ceremonial incense use as well as for anointing oils. In folklore, Balsam of Peru oil was thought to attract wealth and happiness, promote creativity and dreamwork, and to protect against emotional excess. The aroma is very uplifting and can aid in times of nervous tension to help one relax and decompress.

Coconut MCT Oil - also known as Fractionated Coconut oil, MCT is a superb carrier oil for essential oils for its consistency in remaining liquid, and its penetrating and absorption powers. It is also now considered the best base oil for natural perfumes because of its lack of odor and resistance to oxidation. To top it all off, it makes an excellent massage oil base for its ‘feel’ and ‘glide’–many massage therapists are now switching from Virgin Coconut oil to Fractionated Coconut oil.

Avocado Oil - deeply penetrating, moisturizing and nourishing, which makes it a wonderful emollient highly prized by those with skin issues. It is a relatively thick and rich oil that may be best blended with other carrier oils for a workable consistency.

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