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Unique MoonStone Ultrasonic Diffuser

Made with beautiful sand-blasted glass, this ultrasonic diffuser is a beautiful piece of art that will fill your house with aroma.


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Product Description

Timed or Continuous Diffusion

Variable Mist Speed

Ultrasonic Diffusion

Auto Shut Off

LED Light

Sand Blasted Glass Design Easy-Fill Base

Technical specs:

Dimensions – 8″ x 5″

AC/DC Adapter 100-240V-50/60Hz, DC24V, 500mA

Water Tank Capacity 120mL

Button Controls:

BUTTON #1 (in the middle) – ON/OFF

1. Press once to start the diffusion in continuous mode at the highest diffusion volume (35 ml/h)

2. Press a second time to start the diffusion for 60 minutes and then OFF

3. Press a third time for an intermittent diffusion – 30 sec ON /  30 sec OFF – for 120 minutes and then OFF

4. Press a fourth time to switch the diffuser OFF

BUTTON #2 (right) Light (LED)

1. Press once to turn the white light ON

2. Press a second time to turn the white light OFF

BUTTON #3 (left) Diffusion volume control

1. Press once for medium volume – 22 ml/h

2. Press a second time for low volume – 15 ml/h

3. Press a third time for high volume – 35 ml/h

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