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Bottle (UV-Resistant Violet)


Limit 20 per customer

Glass bottles in UV-resistant Violet-brown.

These bottles do not include caps. To buy caps for these bottles, check out the following pages:

5mL – 100mL bottles:

Cap (Violet Bottle) – Orifice Reducer

Cap (Violet Bottle) – Pipette Dropper

200mL bottle:

Cap (Violet Bottle) – Phenolic Cap

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Product Description

These are the "state of the art" for essential oil storage. Miron Glass of Switzerland had created bottles which essentially completely block all ultraviolet light rays from contacting your essential oils, carriers and blends, except a very specific frequency of violet light that scientific research has shown to enhance the natural therapeutic potential of plant materials and extracts (including essential oils). The bottles are very attractive as well -- high tech in every way!

Here are properties and descriptions of the technology of the violet glass bottles. According to the manufacturer: "A definite conclusion is that the (product) stored in MIRON violet glass doesn't't break down its ingredients, but actually conserves the taste, smell, color, structure and enzymes considerably better than in any other receptacles known or used until now."

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