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Vetiver Essential Oil

  • Distillation Method: Steam
  • Country of Origin: Haiti
  • Plant Part: Root
  • Latin Name: Vetiveria zizanoides
  • Cultivation: Wild Grown

About the Oil: Vetiver essential oil, also known as the ‘Oil of Tranquility, is the most wellloved basenote perfume constituent worldwide.
Our Vetiver oil is lovely, soft and earthy, (similar to Patchouli), and provides a rich and tenacious characteristic that serves as a fixative for many types of blends–outstanding both aromatically and therapeutically.

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Drops per ml
Blending Tips 23
Chemical Families
Sesquiterpene N/A
Sesquiterpenol N/A
Ketone N/A
Primary Constituents
khusemol 23.65%
unknown MW 220 10.68%
unknown MW 218 9.63%
unknown MW 220 8.63%
solavetivone 8.59%


Product Description

About The Plant

Called 'khus khus' in its native India, Vetiver is a deeply rooted, perennial tufted grass with long, thin, rigid leaves extending up to 1.5 meters in height. It is botanically related to Lemongrass and Citronella. The grass grows well in low-laying rich marshy soils and is commonly found framing riverbanks in India, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka.

Vetiver is a uniquely valuable plant to the aroma industry not only for its cherished scent but as a healer of the earth. It is an easily propagated plant used for regenerating damaged topsoils. Because the grass has a special appetite for pesticides and agricultural toxins, it is used in over a hundred countries for phyto-remediation purposes, helping to cleanse the environment and for reducing erosion with its abundant latticework of rootlets.

About The Oil

Vetiver essential oil is distilled from the roots of the plant is a thick amber liquid with a scent that, like Patchouli and Sandalwood, improves with age. Vetiver has an earthy aroma, some say similar to that of Patchouli with a touch of Lemon.

Although it may be known as the world's most commonly used perfume fixative—meaning it is an effective base note that holds lighter top notes to the skin—Vetiver essential oil is an extremely healing oil to the body and the mind. Because its chemical properties are a function of the soil it is grown in, each batch of vetiver oil will have fragrance and therapeutic variations that are unique and subtle. One of the most biochemically complex of all essential oils, vetiver contains at least 150 identified aromatic compounds, and many more that remain unidentified. It's main constituent in is vetiverol (50-75%), a sesquiterpene alcohol.

Of Interest

Haitian Vetiver oil has been used for thousands of years in India, Indonesia, and Haiti as a perfume with a smoky, earthy, and woody aroma.

It is also an ancient remedy within Ayurveda–the root and its essential oil have been used to alle-viate thirst, heatstroke, fevers and headache, and joint and skin inflammation.

Therapeutic Properties




neutralizes fungi
neutralizes microbes
strengthens connective tissue
reduces redness
diminishes swelling
Especially good for: oily skin, dry and undernourished skin, acne, eczema, stretch marks


strengthens the IMMUNE SYSTEM


slows rapid breathing


soothes sore muscles, tendons and joints
diminishes swelling
relaxes cramping


stimulates the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM
helps maintain healthy liver function
helps maintain healthy pancreatic function


strengthens the CIRCULATORY SYSTEM
increases local blood circulation
increases production of red blood cells


stimulates the endocrine system
helps balance female hormones during menopause
helps balance female hormones during PMS
relieves emotional symptoms of PMS


strengthens the NERVOUS SYSTEM
calms the central NERVOUS SYSTEM
calms overexcitation
promotes deep sleep
relieves stress
helps alleviate nervous tension
elevates mood


In terms of Oriental medicine, Vetiver essential oil is cool and moist in energy. It clears heat, and nourishes and supports yin Qi, which is the body's restorative and metabolic function.

Vetiver oil is one of the most effective oils to use when excess wind, or the Vata dosha, are present. Being of the earth, this oil has calming, cooling, grounding and centering properties that work equally on the body and the mind. Due to its cool and watery nature derived from the moistened soil in which it grows, it is also excellent in working against excess heat, or Pitta dosha, in the body and mind.

From a vitalistic viewpoint, the roots of any plant are innately nourishing, strengthening and grounding.


Vetiver essential oil is soothing and comforting for the body and mind. It grounds and stabilizes the emotions (promotes emotional equilibrium), purifies the mind, and enhances concentration. Most noticeably, it is relaxing to a hyperactive mind and nurturing to an insecure self-identity as it lends us the strength of Mother Earth and her deep sense of belonging. Vetiver may just be the thing for an individual who constantly strives for perfection–not letting things just be. It also has a strong power of attraction and enhances sensual and romantic moods.

Vetiver oil is beneficial for anyone who needs contact with the earth to ground and center their energies, and is thusly a primary oil for the root chakra. Recommended for physical, mental and emotional exhaustion, Vetiver is invaluable for anyone experiencing stress and especially shock due to accident, loss of employment, bereavement, separation, divorce, etc.
As Gabriel Mojay states, ""The uplift that vetiver brings them is one that, paradoxically, comes of traveling down – down to that experience where we instinctively rejoice in feeling essentially real."



direct inhalation, diffuser, oil vaporizer
Diffuse Vetiver essential oil to promote a calm and grounded environment. Good for meditation.
Vetiver Oil has been noted to have an effect on lowering rapid heart rate and breathing, helping return the cardioRESPIRATORY SYSTEM to a calmer state. In fact, one deep breath of direct inhalation has the ability to 'reset' the parasympathetic NERVOUS SYSTEM.


massage, compress, liniment, bath, ointment, skincare
Haitian Vetiver oil is known to boost your IMMUNE SYSTEM as you wear it.
It is also valued as a component in cosmetic preparations for its natural affinity for the skin and its ability to enhance skin health and radiance.
May be applied to the solar plexus to calm oversensitivity.
A great oil of choice for those suffering withdrawal from drugs, alcohol, nicotine etc.; Vetiver helps quill jitters and provides peace in mind and body.


Do not ingest.

Aromatherapy Details

Vetiver essential oil has herbaceous middle notes woven with deep, smoky, leathery and rich earth undertones. As with Patchouli and Sandalwood, Vetiver becomes more complex and smooth with age.

Vetiver essential oil blends well with: Clary Sage, Jasmine, Lavender, Patchouli, Rose, Sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang.


Generally non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. Always test a small amount first for sensitivity or allergic reaction.

If pregnant or breastfeeding consult with a physician prior to use.

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