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Wedded Bliss Gift Set

Wedded Bliss is a limited time offering. It is reasonably priced at $111 honoring the symbolism and sacredness of the One joining the One to become ONE! This offering will be available only while supplies last.


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Product Description

This set makes for a wonderful wedding gift. We’ve put together our most loved products including a few new creations we believe lovebirds will surely choose to indulge in. We’ve included a special Jasmine blend we call Jasmine Extra. Noting, of course, that Jasmine has been tied to love and romance for centuries. It’s well known for it’s strong romantic and pleasing fragrance. Jasmine flowers bloom at night, filling their surroundings with a charming scent… perhaps how a loved one fills their lover with excitement!

The set includes:
Super Skin Serum

Frankly Naked Body Wash*

Lover’s Delight

Jasmine Extra*


Super Skin Serum is our top-selling, overall favorite anti-aging skin care formula. This serum is perfect for both the bride and groom to use and enhance that blissful glow. It’s rich in phytonutrients that the skin loves, which provide healing, soothing, regenerative, and anti-inflammatory actions. A touch of love with Rose Otto brings the essence of love into the air. 30mL size.


Frankly Naked is an inspiration from our essential oil team, who works daily with these delightful oils. Lovers can lather up with the aromatic infusions of Frankincense Carteri and Serrata CO2 and Cajeput. The all-natural and organic Hi-Olive castile soap is great for the skin and induces a calm mind, perfect for unwinding. We will be offering this as a regular product for all soon. 8oz size.


Lover’s Delight Yes it’s back! Just different. We found just enough vanilla to create the enamored Lover’s Delight formulation (now discontinued) and we stretched it by making it into a massage oil blend. We’ve had so many customers pray to bring this blend back… this is the best we could do for now, and we’re offering it to the newlyweds as our gift of love. Ingredients include: Australian Sandalwood, Dark Patchouli, Black Pepper, Ylang Ylang Extra, Jasmine Sambac, and Vanilla based in MCT Coconut oil. 30mL size.


Jasmine Extra This is a special and very limited blend. It truly smells delicious, why not take turns dabbing it behind each other’s ears? The essence and effects of Jasmine offer both a euphoric yet balancing sensory experience while being uplifting to the spirit. Jasmine has been used as a natural remedy in balancing hormones, declining libido, and assisting those with sleep disorders. 2mL size.


We do not regularly carry Jasmine Extra, nor is it for purchase, for exception in this set. It is a combination of Jasmine Sambac and Jasmine Grandiflorum with just a hint of Vetiver. We feel it has some ‘extra’ Jasmine vibes, hence the name.

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