Wild Beauty

Wild Beauty is a refreshing hydrosol blend that embodies both softening and purifying benefits. Just a few sprays on your skin will help combat redness and inflammation. It acts as an adaptogen of sorts, it balances skin that is too oily, yet provides moisture to skin that is too dry.



Product Description

Wild Beauty has been a long-time favorite here at Ananda. Our staff has all found their own reasons why they love this hydrosol, simply because it addresses a multitude of skin issues! A blend of Rose Hydrosol and Rosemary Hydrosol means that it will soften your skin while also ensuring that your pores are clean and toned. The addition of California Wild Rose Essence enhances the redness-reducing benefits of this hydrosol!

Ingredients: A blend of Rose hydrosol and Rosemary hydrosol plus California Wild Rose Essence.

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