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Aroma Science

The Jasmine Plant

“The rose would give up its soul to the sun, the jasmine to the stars….” (Francis de MIOMANDRE: Grasse, 1928)

Perhaps most well known for its incredibly sensual, intoxicating fragrance, the jasmine flower has long been revered as a symbol of love and romance. Referred to colloquially as the ‘Queen of the Night,’ jasmine’s sweet scent is widely considered one of the most recognizable and precious fragrances in the world, following perhaps only the compelling scent of the rose. While both are considered ‘old-world’ fragrances indicative of romance, only the jasmine flower creates its allure during the midnight hours and invokes such dreamy memories of long summer nights. The oil from this notable flower is arguably the most common fragrance used in the perfume industry, but it also has a rich history of use in aromatherapy, in cultural traditions, and as a medicinal agent. After centuries of adoration and widespread applications, the jasmine plant can now be found growing wild in all but one continent on the planet.