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Aroma Science

Introduction to Rose

We’ve put together this comprehensive guide on rose, including unparalleled knowledge of the precious rose oil, rose absolute and rose extracts.

The rich, delicate scent of the rose is one of the world’s most recognized fragrances. Rose oil and other rose extracts are valued for their use in perfumes, tea, lotions and many other products, as well as for their powerful properties which benefit both emotional and physical well-being. Thus, the rose has a long history of use in cultural rituals, aromatherapy, body care, Ayurveda, perfumery, flavoring, and spiritual traditions.

The widespread dispersion and varied applications of the rose are largely due to the rose bush’s diverse botany, as well as its long history of cultivation and use. However, rose oil is an expensive, labor-intensive product that requires a delicate distillation process. Each kind of rose oil possesses its own fragrance, consistency, and color, and these characteristics vary depending on the species of rose from which the oil is extracted, its country of growth, and the distillation methods employed by its producers.

Celebrated for its many powerful properties, the rose bush and its oil have been valued for thousands of years. The rose and the sweet fragrance of its products have long been not only a symbol of passion and beauty, but also of healing, calming, and spiritual connection.