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Aroma Science

Uses Of Rose

Celebrated for its many powerful properties, the rose bush and its essential oil have been valued for thousands of years. The roseand the sweet fragrance of its products have long been not only a symbol of passion and beauty, but also of healing, calming, and spiritual connection.  The earliest depictions of roses were in frescoes, a kind of mural painting, discovered in Crete around 1600 BC. Additionally, Cleopatra (69-30 B.C.) was supposedly so captivated with roses that she used them to help her seduce Mark Antony. She carpeted her palace with fresh rose petals, up to a depth of half a meter, and drenched the sails of her royal barge in rose water.  In her bedroom, surrounding her bed, the floor was covered in an even thicker sensuous layer of petals (Rose Magazine, source, 2014). Thus, the rose has a long history of use, and the scope of its many applications includes cultural rituals, aromatherapy, body care, Ayurveda, perfumery, flavoring, and spiritual traditions.