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Aroma Science

Ayurveda in Rose Oils

In Ayurveda (Ayurvedic medicine), the ancient medical system of India, the rose and its extracted oil are more predominant than many other flowers and their oils.  Known as satapatri in Sanskrit, meaning “one hundred petals,” and gulab-ka-phool (or simply gulab) in Hindi, Ayurvedic practitioners have documented the use of rose petals, rose oil, rose attar, rose vinegar, rose water, and gulkand (rose petal jam or preserves) in the treatment of mental health issues, gynecological disorders, and as an aphrodisiac for enhancing reproductive health. The Ayurvedic texts explain that rose oil balances sadhaka pitta (which regulates emotions and the functions of the heart and mind) as well as prana vata (which governs the movements of the mind and its thoughts). Having a well-balanced sadhaka pitta and prana vata can help soothe anxiety, depression, and general emotional well-being. The rose is also said to have been Lord Krishna’s favorite flower (Hodges, source, 2013).